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Oxygen icon set for

June 11, 2009

One of the things we discussed at UDS (for the third cycle now) is dropping everything KDE3 from default Kubuntu.  In Jaunty we got a new NetworkManager applet.  k3b is on its way.  The blocker for Karmic is KDE integration.  Well, work is underway on a KDE4 file picker.  That leaves icons — time to make OpenOffice fit in visually, at least a little.

Problem is the icon set has over 7000 files.  Most of them are named something like this: lc03241.png (that’s the new presentation icon, 32×32).  Fortunately most of those icons are for various obscure things, including images for the help and some pixmaps for easter eggs (anybody know how to get into some sort of starfighter game in OO.o?).  With existing Oxygen icons and a couple free days it’s possible to get a couple nice looking toolbars in Writer:


Unfortunately that’s as far as it gets with existing artwork.  The Oxygen team is only prepared to create office suite icons when the various office suites agree on an icon naming scheme.