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September 30, 2009

I’ve been watching TV a bit recently (It’s stage 3 of dealing with the trauma of not having homework anymore.) and I keep seeing this date pop up, with a little girl talking about “happy words.”  It seems Microsoft Windows 7 is coming out soon.  I’ve heard about it here and there, but it didn’t really register that the next version is coming in just under a month until I saw the commercials.

So far I haven’t heard anything bad about the upcoming windows release, which is quite a contrast to the months leading up to Vista.  I looked around their website and there’s some interesting stuff, but nothing revolutionary.  Nothing important we haven’t got, or will have soon in a better form.  And it still has that nauseating default theme from Vista.

This makes the timing of the Kubuntu Karmic release very interesting.  It really seems like this should be the big faceoff.  A lot of good things are coming together for Karmic.  KDE 4.3 provides a smooth desktop experience with a lot of little annoyances fixed.  Finally most networks work (again) out of the box.  Legacy KDE3 things are finally gone from the CD.  It would be amazing if Kubuntu Karmic was the release you could pull out at the same time as the brand spanking new Windows 7 and blow away the competition.

And it’s close, but it’s not that release.  It’s just the first release where most of the KDE 4 desktop has come together, but there are still some issues to fix, polishing to do, and a couple core apps need to stabilize.  Another 6 months.  Concidentally, Lucid 10.04 is also the next LTS.  Perfect timing to really bring all the pieces together and make a polished release that will put the proprietary competition to shame.  I’m really looking forward to Lucid.  The drama would just be so much better if it was 9.10.


UDS Day 1: LoCo events, apport, and Kubuntu plans

May 26, 2009

Improving LoCo events

After introductory talks, the first session I went to was a community session on improving LoCo events.  Considering we’re in Spain, the MA LoCo was overrepresented with both Martin and I there.  He has a good writeup on the discussion.

Apport Adoption

There were two sessions on increasing apport coverage and adoption.  The adoption session mostly concentrated on getting users to file bugs using apport rather than directly through the launchpad website.  The main thing I took away from this talk is that it was unfortunately irrelevant because Kubuntu/KDE apps don’t use appport for the report a bug feature.  This is the correct way to file a bug in Ubuntu.  TODO: update the Kubuntu version of the documentation.

KDE 4.3 vs. Ayatana

There was a session where sebas presented the KDE system tray plans to Mark Shuttleworth and Canonical’s DX team.  There was a lively discussion as to how that complements or conflicts with the Ayatana desktop experience project and what that project actually entails.  The topic is controversial, but the practical question was whether it is worth implementing the message indicator planned for Ubuntu Karmic for KDE.

Kubuntu Development and Packaging

We had two sessions to plan Kubuntu Karmic that were somewhat productive.  For the most part we just affirmed the points on the specs page.  Discussion is still ongoing about the default IRC client and web browser.  We are determined to get rid of KDE3 libs for Karmic, and are really hoping for KDE4 integration in time.  Those who have looked at it so far were baffled by the codebase, so we need some help in this area.

The day ended with dinner with the Kubuntu guys and girl and Albert, a local KDE developer of Okular and poppler fame.  He showed us to a nice restaurant, and I think everyone really enjoyed the meal.  I should have forseen the delicious but small main course though.

KDE 4 on old hardware

February 23, 2008

KDE 4 on old hardware
I am typing this post using KDE 4 on Kubuntu Hardy on the following hardware:
350MHz AMD K6-2
256mb RAM
4GB hard drive
wireless (atheros, madwifi driver)

…and it’s usable enough to type that and then freak out and lose half my post. But some of the little animations actually work!

kde4 on 350mhz