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Intrepid Release Party in Boston

October 29, 2008

With just one day to go until Ubuntu and Kubuntu 8.10 are released, we are ready to celebrate.

Mike Rushton writes about the Massachusetts LoCo Team’s Intrepid Ibex release party:

So just want to make an official/overdue announcement that we'll be
having our Ubuntu 8.10 Intrepid Ibex Release party this Thursday night,
October 30th at 7pm. We'll be having it at the Globe bar and grill in
Boston. Same place as the 2 previous parties.

Bring yourself, friends, family, someone passing on the street or
someone you shared a cab with. Laptops and netbooks are surely welcome
as well to show off the latest version or if you need help installing

We'll try to have some cd's available for people to take home. There
will be some snacks available and a decent menu to order other food and

Hope to see you all there!!

Ubuntu Bug Jam August 9th at SETC in Boston

August 7, 2008

You may have already read it in dholbach’s blog — yes, Massachusetts will be participating in the Ubuntu Global Bug Jam!

The Ubuntu Massachusetts Local Community Team will be holding a Bug Jam this weekend at the South End Technical Center in Boston.  This is an opportunity to collaborate and contribute to Ubuntu by triaging bugs.

The event will be held on Saturday, August 9th, 12-5pm at the SETC.

All Linux users of all skill levels are invited to participate.  There’s work to be done from testing to commenting to fixing.  Have no idea what helping with bugs entails?  We’ll explain!  (But you can start reading at  A programmer and looking to fix some bugs and get those fixes into packages?  You’re welcome as well, and we can teach you a bit about the process of getting a fix into Ubuntu.  If there is some particular application you’d like to work on, please contact me.

This is a wonderful opportunity to get into contributing to Free Software because not only will there be a group of people right there to work with, but people around the world will be working on the same thing at the same time!  Online collaboration for the event will take place in #ubuntu-us-ma on and any questions we can’t field, we will forward to the appropriate channels.

Hope to see people there and excited!

Exploration Ubuntu

May 23, 2008

LUGs and LoCos regularly hold InstallFests, events where for people can come and have Linux installed on their machine with the help of experienced Linux users.

For LoCo InstallFests, this is really a chance for people to see, try, and get Ubuntu (and Kubuntu and Xubuntu and Edubuntu) for themselves. Anyone is free to bring in their own computer or hard drive to have Ubuntu installed on it, or to just come and see Ubuntu on other machines and get a chance to experience it for themselves.*

Now, the second definition is a little different from the first one and the Wikipedia one, isn’t it? After having a couple of these “installfests”, we at the Massachusetts LoCo Team sat down at a meeting, put on our person-who-has-never-heard-of-Ubuntu shoes, and thought,

What the heck is an “InstallFest” and why would I want to go to it??

We decided we needed a name for these events that is attractive, non-threatening, and expresses that this is a fun event and an opportunity to see and experience Ubuntu. It is not a niche computer repair shop that is only open two days a year (though we will help you with your K/X/Ubuntu problems).

So, tommorrow, May 24, 2008 the Ubuntu Massachusetts team will be holding our first quarterly Exploration Ubuntu at the MIT Media Lab in Cambridge from 10am to 5pm. If you’re new to Ubuntu, come check it out! Already an Ubuntu guru? Come help out, hang out, and present something neat to new users!

*Copied from the MA LoCo wiki.