Karmic Матрёшки

Karmic Koala Матрёшка

Karmic Koala Матрёшка

A couple матрёшки I painted at a Russian culture event a few weeks ago.  I started with a koala, and the penguin was suggested by a non-geek, as well as the fox (not pictured).


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4 Responses to “Karmic Матрёшки”

  1. Pratyay Modi Says:

    cute, nice
    i appreciate any method of open source promotion .

    i too will try your way

    really nice man keep it up

    linux needs promotion

    • Yuriy Says:

      Thanks. It wasn’t really meant as a means of promotion, I just needed something to paint and the recent release made me think of a koala. Then people started randomly suggesting other animals and I ended up with a very Ubuntu-y set.

  2. Mackenzie Says:

    Cute! Awww I want матрёшки of the Ubuntu animals now! Of course, would need to find progressively larger blanks for making new animals as they’re announced… Do you collect матрёшки too?

    • Yuriy Says:

      A whole set would be fun.
      No, I don’t collect, my (former) university’s Russian club just has these events sometimes where we paint them.

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