What do you have open?

Alright, I’ll play along for this one too:

On my desktop I’ve got:

  • 2 Konsole windows with a total of 5 tabs
  • 16 Konqueror windows with a total of 40 tabs (all web)
  • 1 Firefox 3 window with 4 tabs (need it for gmail :-\ )
  • 2 Dolphin windows
  • 3 IM windows (Pidgin)
  • 1 Amarok 2 window, thanks to project neon. Using the built in Jamendo service.
  • 1 Kontact/KDE3 (Kmail, Akregator, Korganizer, Basket) window
  • 1 Digikam/KDE3 window
  • 1 Ktorrent window…err system tray icon

(KDE4 versions unless otherwise specified.)


3 Responses to “What do you have open?”

  1. Henrik Pauli Says:

    Konq3 can do Gmail if you specify ?ui=1 (the “old” AJAX UI) and masquerade as a Firefox. Though I only use the web interface for checking it not-at-home and to unmark-as-spam some messages they always manage to throw in the bin — IMAP is quite decent.

  2. Gouki’s Weblog / What do you have open? Meme Says:

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  3. Recent Links Tagged With "akregator" - JabberTags Says:

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