KDE Konqueror Bug Day May 18

This coming Sunday, the 18th of May, there will be a KDE bug day held in #kde-bugs focusing on triaging Konqueror bugs. All Kubuntu and KDE users are invited to participate to help make the next release better. Information about triaging KDE bugs can be found here. From the announcement:

Bug Days are hosted by the KDE Bugsquad approximately once every two weeks. Their purpose is to check back through the large numbers of bugs stored in the KDE Bug Tracking System and investigate how to reproduce them. This means that when developers come to the bug reports to fix them, all the information they need is available on the report and they don’t have to spend huge amounts of their time investigating the bugs – they can just focus on fixing them. During each Bug Day, we will focus on one area of KDE in particular. For this Bug Day, we will be focusing on general bugs in Konqueror. More information can be found on the Bug Day 4 Techbase Page.

Helping sort through these bugs now will help greatly in having a polished KDE/konqueror for the Intrepid Ibex. In addition to the KDE triaging procedures, it will help to look through the Konqueror bugs on launchpad and cross link them with the KDE bug you are working on. This is especially helpful if you can find crash reports from apport since they provide all the debugging information the upstream developers will need to fix a crash.


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