Amarok Hug Day is done

…and not because the day is over, but because it’s all green!
“New” bugs in Amarok:
amarok hugday new bugs
This is what a little teamwork and a couple dedicated people can do!

13:53 < Nightrose> yuriy: ;-) - skype session ftw
13:54 < Nightrose> and teamwork ftw

Just so the statistics don’t lie too much (we didn’t actually fix all those bugs) here is the graph for bugs in incomplete status:
amarok hugday incomplete bugs
Thanks to Parthan, santiago-ve, jjesse, and especially to apachelogger and Nightrose for participating. Hope to see some more new faces || screennames next week.

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2 Responses to “Amarok Hug Day is done”

  1. life at the end of the universe » (hug the bugs) * 2 Says:

    […] Harald, I and a few others killed hugged a lot of Amarok bugs in Kubuntu today, in preperation for Hardy Heron, while having a lot of fun discussing the bugs on IRC, Mumble and Skype. Thanks everyone for participating. […]

  2. Hello Planet + FOSSCamp is over « mg’s temporary blog Says:

    […] having (more) bug days with upstream developer attendance (similar to the Amarok hug day) […]

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