5-a-Day and Hug Days

5-a-Day and Hug Days*

Some updates to my previous post. Pedro tells me there are two Hug for a Bug days a week now:

  • Tuesdays for some category that applies to all of Ubuntu, such as this Tuesday’s day for printing bugs.
  • Thursdays for desktop bugs. This will now include a separate page for KDE bugs. So Kubuntu users: every Thursday come to #ubuntu-bugs to collaborate on improving bug reports for a Kubuntu Desktop package. It’s not too late to join in today to work on powermanager bugs!

So what’s this Hug Day thing I’m rambling on about anyway?
There are thousands of bug (problem) reports filed for (K)ubuntu in Launchpad. Far too many for the small group of developers to handle. People are needed to look through them, make sure everyone reporting a problem gets a response and make sure the reports are useful for developers. You don’t need to be a developer to participate!
This task can be much more efficient if done in an organized manner. That is what the BugSquad is for. Hug for a Bug days are a chance for you and the bug squad to work together, on one day, concentrating on one component, so you can collaborate and ask questions, and at the end of the day have a noticeable contribution to the quality of the set of bug reports, and thus to the quality of Kubuntu. For example, today the bug squad managed to get the 200 or so untouched Gnome Power Manager reports down to less than 30! Oh and, of course, if you work on a bug, you get a [virtual] hug! (This idea can be improved upon by getting a partner to work with you next to you)
Hugs to the bug squad for the great work today!

Of course, Tuesdays and Thursdays aren’t the only time to work on bugs. That’s what the new 5-a-Day initiative is all about. Just like an apple a day will do for you, helping with 5 bugs a day will keep Kubuntu healthy. And you can show off a nice little signature with your contributions, like so:

My 5 today: #177504 (kde-guidance), #96290 (kde-guidance), #174574 (kde-guidance), #79225 (kde-guidance)
Do 5 a day – every day! https://wiki.ubuntu.com/5-A-Day

(OK, for those counting, I need to do a little more work today.)

In other news, the Massachusetts LoCo Team will be hosting an InstallFest this Saturday at MIT and I will be showing off KDE 4.0.

*Planet seems to be hungry for wordpress blog titles, so for now I’m going to add the titles to the top of the posts.

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