One day left!

One day left!
Very exciting. 4.0.0 packages are going in kubuntu-members ppa for gutsy (thanks to stdin and Riddell and others) and will be included in hardy alpha 3. Some of the bugs that were bothering me in the last snapshot have been fixed, so I am now running KDE 4.0.0 as a full session and loving it. Most importantly, konqueror-kde4 now works nicely for web browsing, including WordPress.

In related news, work has started on an all new version of Adept for KDE4. It’s in very beginning stages right now, and I’ll try to find time to help out with it. Comment here if there is some specific feature you’d like to see in the new version, but please no rants, and bugs go on Launchpad

2 Responses to “One day left!”

  1. Jun Says:

    It would be nice something like aptoncd in adept and apt-url for Konqueror so we don’t need all gnome dependencies to use this features.
    An option to see the packages from an specific repository would be appreciated too.

    Thank You very Much

  2. VijayK Says:

    I have a couple of suggestions on Adept.
    1) The search. It can be whole lot better, it could have a) google / amarok type search b) ways to exclude certain results
    2) allow multiple selections in the package list shown. Currently, you would need to right click and install each package
    3) Error handling when sources.lst is incorrect ( maybe due to a manual update) . Adept typically doesn’t even start, not knowing howto proceed.

    Thank you 🙂

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