Feisty Fiesta

Feisty is finally out! We had a celebration for the release in Cambridge tonight. Thanks to mako for setting it up, and for the title of this post. Lots of people showed up, it was very impressive. We had to start pulling up additional tables at the restaurant. We had several members of the Massachusetts LoCo Team (our second in-person meeting!), two Ubuntu members, and several other users, not-quite-users, and one “Red Hat guy.” Getting to know people, answers to questions about the Ubuntu community, and debates about binary drivers and dpkg vs. RPM ensued. And some poor guy was having a bachelor party in the same restaurant as a Linux party ;D. I didn’t get a chance to talk to everybody, but it’s great to meet people and to see the local Ubuntu community thriving. I think it’s a great time to get some more proactive stuff going (after finals ;)).

So what’s new and great in Feisty?

  • One difference in Feisty, which is it’s best feature and maybe biggest fault as well, is the addition of KNetworkManager by default. It’s great because now I can effortlessly connect to my school’s WPA2 secured wireless network. It also autodetects networks so I don’t have to change anything when going between school and home and wherever else. However, it still has issues with statically configured networks, including if you configure a network with iwconfig/dhclient semi-manually. It also still doesn’t work with some wireless cards. Then, if other programs think you’re offline because network-manager tells them so, they don’t work either. But overall, I think the advantages outweigh the quirks.
  • Adept is improved in Feisty. It’s now stable enough to use and generally more polished thanks to all the work by manchicken.
  • All the newest programs and drivers and an ever more polished KDE.
  • Improved default layouts for konqueror and kicker
  • Nice new usplash theme
  • What to watch out for?

  • Unfortunately sound is broken for my laptop and others in Feisty’s shipped kernel. There’s a workaround, and it should be fixed in an update.
  • Excited for Gutsy Gibbon!

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