Ubuntu MA LoCo team

The Ubuntu Massachusetts local community team had its first meeting last week. (I’m only posting now because it was a really tough week of schoolwork). We have about a dozen members. We discussed goals and projects for the team. A couple guys on the team work at small schools, so spreading Edubuntu in schools will be a large part of what we do. We have an in-person meeting planned for this week. After pizza, one of the guys will show us the setup he’s starting at his school. Once this is ready, it will hopefully act as an example for other school computer labs to follow suit.

It was pointed out that in addition to providing schools with computers and software, schools need a curriculum to work with them. Developing such a thing could be an interesting long term endeavor. Once we get near that point I’d like to get in touch with the Edubuntu project and see what, if anything, they have going. Actually, I really ought to actually try out Edubuntu at some point. I noticed that KDE for Edubuntu is on the agenda for discussion at UDS Sevilla, so that ought to be interesting.

Other things to work on will be install fests, coordination with LUGs (there’s one at MIT, I’d like to know of any other ones around), and a network for donating old PC’s. I’m particularly interested in the last one because it goes hand in hand with possible school/edubuntu projects and because I have some old hardware lying around to get rid of myself ;).

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